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…and another month passes

Seriously… another month… where the hell is time going.

Ok, NOTHING new on the book, nada, zip, zilch, swabo (get the idea?)

But I have now beaten the MBA beast into a corner… down to one grade, one paper, and then the final project… I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I do not hear choo choo noises, so that is a good thing right?

To prove that point (after several hours of frustration with that aforementioned one paper) I shall go write some smut.

Nice dirty, nasty, fulfilling smut

I can afford to spend a few hours goofing off and doing that before I need to deal with the reality (and frustration) of more study time.

It will be published when it is finished… when is that?

When it is done!
… when will it be done?

When it is complete!
… when will it be complete?

When it is finished!
… I see a theme

I promise… more progress and less whining… soon

Books, Daily Blog, life, living

A month since my last post!!

…why the hell do you people put up with me?!?!

Okay, so what has a month accomplished? Well I have blocked out several more chapters in book two, made some good progress on the MBA, finishing both the Strategic Management Simulation as well as the final CapSim practice rounds on that Simulation… so now MORE writing on both of those.

In other news, some fun in the yard, the pool, the general area… doing that thing called living, and trying to enjoy it.