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Back on the treadmill of writing…

Well, I took some post MBA time to get my head unstuffed from that constant grind, and I am back to writing.

Current plan is to have the next book complete and published some time in mid/late December.

Time will tell, but for now, back to the writing *s*

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M.B.A. = D.O.N.E, !!!! (Hot Damn, and other expletives)

It is done, complete, final… all I need now is that magic piece of paper.

So, a week or so to get my head back in the game and then back to the grind of writing some lovely words for those who are interested in them.

I should be able to knock out book 2 by the end of October, and maybe a short or two by December… benefits of insomnia and the inability to turn off my brain.

And then, some time in the next year… I’ll start the PhD

Yeah, I’m that insane…

Oh well, it will be fun (and hopefully profitable in the long run)

But in the meantime… smut, smut, smut!!!

Oh, and a dive trip or two for… research, yeah that’s it, research!

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…and another month passes

Seriously… another month… where the hell is time going.

Ok, NOTHING new on the book, nada, zip, zilch, swabo (get the idea?)

But I have now beaten the MBA beast into a corner… down to one grade, one paper, and then the final project… I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I do not hear choo choo noises, so that is a good thing right?

To prove that point (after several hours of frustration with that aforementioned one paper) I shall go write some smut.

Nice dirty, nasty, fulfilling smut

I can afford to spend a few hours goofing off and doing that before I need to deal with the reality (and frustration) of more study time.

It will be published when it is finished… when is that?

When it is done!
… when will it be done?

When it is complete!
… when will it be complete?

When it is finished!
… I see a theme

I promise… more progress and less whining… soon

Books, Daily Blog, life, living

A month since my last post!!

…why the hell do you people put up with me?!?!

Okay, so what has a month accomplished? Well I have blocked out several more chapters in book two, made some good progress on the MBA, finishing both the Strategic Management Simulation as well as the final CapSim practice rounds on that Simulation… so now MORE writing on both of those.

In other news, some fun in the yard, the pool, the general area… doing that thing called living, and trying to enjoy it.

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Laying here twitching…

And sadly not in any good way.

just got back from 4 days of camping with 1,459,868,123,951 children in the woods of Texas… in July… get the idea?

It was an absolute BLAST, but it was also hot, muggy, and like every other summer camp ever held it included HORRIBLE food, lots of bugs and snakes, plenty of sun screen applied mush too late.

So now I lay her and recover…

Later today will include some studying and some writing

Feel free to check out the Amazon site(, vote up the good reviews and vote down the haters, and if you haven’t yet, maybe buy a copy and tell me what you think


Happy (belated) 4th of July

Hello world!

Been a busy week or so for me, a couple of chapters written on the next book, LOTS of research, and some marketing effort.

Check out my current offering here:

And as always, feel free to leave feedback.

On the home front… weather is gorgeous, the fireworks were spectacular, the pool is lovely, the ladies are as well. The BBQ is getting a workout and life is good.

Daily Blog

Oy, what a week or so…

Well last week’s flight out resulted in some good as noted in the last post. Then… then things went sideways. I did get some writing down, and some work on the Masters Degree. But I also…

Spent 5 hours (via remote help at the house) fighting off and on with Plumber, Home Warranty, and the city over the fuck-uppery of pouring excess concrete from a street repair into the casing of my water shut off valve. Yes, you read that right… some buffoon decided to waste the excess concrete into the casing surrounding the cut off valve.

Adding insult to injury my pool went from sparkling clear, happy splash time GORGEOUS… to cyanuric acid hell and a algae bloom that would have done the Sargasso proud in 36 hours. Anyone want to guess what the ONLY method to clear CYAcid from a pool is? I’ll give a hint, it involve pumping all the damn water out of said pool (or a huge ass chunk of it at least) and then… refilling the pool. Then re-balancing the chemicals and salt, and now hopefully enjoying the rest of the year.

Oh well, I didn’t have anything else planned for the last 3 or 4 days… really, nothing, nada, zilch.

Now, back to writing, papers, work,kids, girls, etc.