Daily Blog

Oy, what a week or so…

Well last week’s flight out resulted in some good as noted in the last post. Then… then things went sideways. I did get some writing down, and some work on the Masters Degree. But I also…

Spent 5 hours (via remote help at the house) fighting off and on with Plumber, Home Warranty, and the city over the fuck-uppery of pouring excess concrete from a street repair into the casing of my water shut off valve. Yes, you read that right… some buffoon decided to waste the excess concrete into the casing surrounding the cut off valve.

Adding insult to injury my pool went from sparkling clear, happy splash time GORGEOUS… to cyanuric acid hell and a algae bloom that would have done the Sargasso proud in 36 hours. Anyone want to guess what the ONLY method to clear CYAcid from a pool is? I’ll give a hint, it involve pumping all the damn water out of said pool (or a huge ass chunk of it at least) and then… refilling the pool. Then re-balancing the chemicals and salt, and now hopefully enjoying the rest of the year.

Oh well, I didn’t have anything else planned for the last 3 or 4 days… really, nothing, nada, zilch.

Now, back to writing, papers, work,kids, girls, etc.


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