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Oy, what a week or so…

Well last week’s flight out resulted in some good as noted in the last post. Then… then things went sideways. I did get some writing down, and some work on the Masters Degree. But I also…

Spent 5 hours (via remote help at the house) fighting off and on with Plumber, Home Warranty, and the city over the fuck-uppery of pouring excess concrete from a street repair into the casing of my water shut off valve. Yes, you read that right… some buffoon decided to waste the excess concrete into the casing surrounding the cut off valve.

Adding insult to injury my pool went from sparkling clear, happy splash time GORGEOUS… to cyanuric acid hell and a algae bloom that would have done the Sargasso proud in 36 hours. Anyone want to guess what the ONLY method to clear CYAcid from a pool is? I’ll give a hint, it involve pumping all the damn water out of said pool (or a huge ass chunk of it at least) and then… refilling the pool. Then re-balancing the chemicals and salt, and now hopefully enjoying the rest of the year.

Oh well, I didn’t have anything else planned for the last 3 or 4 days… really, nothing, nada, zilch.

Now, back to writing, papers, work,kids, girls, etc.

Daily Blog

Another Day, Another few Chapters…

Well, my 3.5 hour plane flight turned into a 5+ hour PITA… ground hold on one end due to the receiving airport having runways down.


Well the good news is I got two chapters reviewed, one written fully, and the next two blocked out in my head.

Now I go to the hotel, unwind and keep turning the crank.

Here for a week, so I should get tthree or four more done and ready to edit. All good.


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Raymond James Garreth Blythe (1964 – ) was born in the imagination of a bored teen back in the ’80s and became one of a half dozen aliases, nom de plume and nom de guerre’s. He grew up all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He has been: a student, a taxi driver, a roadie, a wanderer, and a lover of all sorts of women, food, and drink.

In this particular niche he has 20+ years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle, shuns the local ‘community’ for the most part because he hates politics and prefers that his relationships and his life stay private.

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Darque Desires – Book 1



It contains adult language, sexual content, and BDSM activities depicted between consenting adults.

Darque Desires is the first book in the Desire Series. This is a domination and submission romance series dedicated to exploring the D/s lifestyle as a component of the BDSM universe. It involves spanking, domination & submission, bondage, role-play, domestic discipline and polyamory themes in an erotic romance. It is not a bondage 101 primer, it is a full length erotic novel that explores elements of domination and submission on a day to day basis.

Dominic Darque is content with his life. He is a business owner and entrepreneur. Successful both professionally and personally, he is a dominant personality in all normal and several non-normal respects. Unfortunately, he is currently alone, and that is not something he tolerates. Therefore, he has been seeking someone new in his life, a sexually submissive, intelligent, and attractive woman. So far, that has been a fruitless search due to his standards and desires, but that is about to change when an angel in a black knit dress falls into his life

She is younger by a large margin, beautiful in a heartrendingly fresh way, smart and educated; and he soon learns, sexually submissive and responsive to him on a level he has rarely seen in all his years. He introduces her to his world and ways. To his delight, she grabs it as an infant grasps its first rattle. The relationship takes off like a rocket and the first two days are a nonstop exploration of their budding D/s relationship. The relationship blossoms from a passion-fueled sexual romp into a full-blown total power exchange of Domination/submission with her becoming his sexual slave in every conceivable way.

However, this is not anything she has ever really experienced before and like the icebergs in the ocean, 90% of its substance remains concealed beneath the waves. As things are unveiled, she becomes more enamored of this lifestyle that is not a lifestyle, but a life, according to Dominic; she wants more and more of it.

However, there is an issue, she has a lover currently, and not one she is willing to abandon, even for Dominic. Luckily, for all involved, her girlfriend is also interested and attracted to this lifestyle. Soon a crossroads is reached, and decisions must be made; decisions that will change the life of all three of them going forward.

As the series unfolds, it will take them from desire to temptations and eventually into craving of taboos rarely spoken of and even more rarely understood and embraced by modern society.